XBMC originated from Microsoft as a part of the XBOX project. XBox Media Player was it’s original name. Over the years since 2003 when Microsoft stopped development it was taken on as a Open source project and the name still lingered until recently when it has been renamed Kodi.

This Program has spawned a number of other projects and programs most notably PLEX which is also based on XBMC but over it’s history has drifted onto it’s own path. Look for a separate article on PLEX.

Since XBMC/Kodi has far more under the hood than any one user may ever take advantage of, it is truly the most customizable system available for managing your personal library of videos.

One main reason I would use Kodi over PLEX is the way Kodi helps me to manage my large library of training videos that usually run in a series and well XBMC does this really well. It allows me to easily cue up anumber of videos to watch as a playlist and then to also remember where in the list I had left off.

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