Hulu’s Awesome Tech Support

I can’t say enough about how good customer service can make or break a deal. I still don’t know if there is really one person named Malcolm who provides support for Hulu or whether it is a just a meme that all the tech folks use to interface with the general public. In any event I have had nothing but polite and helpful support from this outfit.

I discovered how great Hulu’s service is when I was having issues with a Hulu account managed by my Roku device. Roku’s support we will say wasn’t as admirable as Hulu’s and after a day of messing with them I just cancelled my Hulu subscription that Ruku was managing and I went directly to Hulu and got an account.

Malcom not only added the month of free service that had been gifted by Paypal and canceled by Roku due to some glitch at Roku but he also added a few extra weeks of service onto my account.

Just as a general ‘rule of thumb’ go right to the service provider whenever possible instead of dealing with the intermediaries.

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